Crisp Review

Seabrook - Sea Salted

Lets ease back into this with something simple. A real classic of the genre. Seabrook are the master of ridged crisps. They’ve cracked the formula. Wavy and crisp with just the right amount of bite.

If you’re looking for a lunch box crisp, you could do worse than this. They’re not a show-piece and no one will thank you for bringing a bag around to a dinner party but sometimes that’s not what you’re after.

They’ve got the perfect amount of salt. Just right for cutting through the grease of a toastie. A perfect pairing. They’re also excellent in a crisp sandwich. Two slices of cheap white bread and plenty of vegetable oil based spread. Pack the crisps in and give the sandwich a good firm squash.

A real tonic for the troubled times we find outselves in.

A solid 8/10.

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