Crisp Review

Seabrook x Aunt Bessie's - Roast Potato & Black Pepper

Another Seabrooks offering today. This time, one from their ‘collaboration’ with Aunt Bessie’s. Aunt Bessie’s have also made some beer with Northern Monk. I’m not sure what they’re up to but I don’t like it. Stick with the frozen yorkshires and roast potatoes. You’re not doing anyone any favours with this nonsense.

When I picked up the crisps I thought, “These will be nice.” I was wrong. These are disgusting.

They could have taken the standard Seabrook, added some black pepper, and been done with it. After all, crisps already taste of potato. Instead they’ve added some garlic powder, rosemary and yeast extract. I really wish they hadn’t.

Seabrooks x Aunt Bessie's Roast Potato & Black Pepper Packet

Oddly cheesy with a lingering aftertaste. Unpleasantly greasy. Best avoided. A bit like the beer they made.


Up next, something less disgusting.