Crisp Review

McCoy's - Epic Eats - Spicy Salsa

Starting the new year with a bang! McCoy’s crisps are always a winner and these are no different. The marketing material for ‘Epic Eats’ claims they pack a punch, have that signature crunch, and are irresistable. I’m not sure about all that but these are a good crisp.

They’re the standard McCoy’s crisp. They’re ridged with a good crunch. They’ve got a liberal sprinkling of flavour. They taste pretty nice. And they do that thing where they leave some flavouring behind on your fingers and then you lick it off and then you can’t decide whether it’s great or whether you hate yourself.

A slightly spicy, tomato foward flavour with a good level of acidity. The acidity probably come from the apple juice powder. I don’t think I’ve ever had crisps with apple juice as an ingredient before.

McCoy's - Epic Eats - Spicy Salsa Packet

Pretty good. A possible contender for the meal deal crisp of choice?


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