Crisp Review

Willards - Cheas Naks - Chutney

Something from South Africa this week; Willards Cheas Naks. According to The Internet “Willards makes snacks for the whole family: melt-in-your-mouth Cheese Curls and Flings, Big Korn Bites, Crinkle Cut, Original Cut, Flanagan’s Irish Kettle fried chips, and Cheasnaks!” Well, they made a snack for me and I am part of a family and everyone in my family would be able to eat them so I guess they’re right.

I’m not sure everyone in my family would like them though. I’m not even sure I like them.

They’re Nik Naks. They’re slightly bigger than normal Nik Naks but that’s what they are. These chutney flavoured ones are pretty much Rib ‘n’ Saucy Nik Naks with an extra dusting of icing sugar. They’re very sweet and it’s a bit odd.

Ingredients include ‘irradiated spices’ and ‘non-nutrative sweeteners’. I’m going to finish the packet and keep my fingers crossed. With any luck I’ll turn into a half man half crisp with super powers.

McCoy's - Epic Eats - Spicy Salsa Packet

Interesting, but not fantastic. And before anyone starts, they’re crisps.


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